Why Central Texas Needs Restoration Ranch, TX

Family violence, drug addiction, incarceration, and sex trafficking are prevalent in the Austin, TX area (Travis County and Williamson County) as reported by Travis County, TX  and Williamson County, TX websites.  The combined areas report a population of around 1.7 million people as of 2021 with a combined poverty rate of 21.87%.

Travis and Williamson County faces significant community challenges in addressing substance abuse, family violence and other issues that impact the human condition.

Within Travis and Williamson County, with a combined population of over 1.7 million, there are only 4 emergency shelter programs with others being located further than 20 miles from Travis or Williamson County.  This equates one program for 425,000 people!

Restoration Ranch, TX wants to fill that gap by providing a 3 Stage Program to women ages 18-65 whose lives have been affected by sex trafficking, incarceration, drug and alcohol addiction, family violence and homelessness.

The need for a program to help restore the lives of women within our area is great.  We hope that you will invest with us in restoring these broken lives so that women can have hope, help, and healing to live fulfilling lives.

Here are some statistics for the Travis and Williamson County area you may find interesting:

Source:  https://datausa.io/profile/geo/travis-county-tx/

Statistics for Williamson County

Williamson County, TX has a population of 528,718 – 570,437 people with a median age of 36.2 and a median household income of $81,818. The population of Williamson County, TX has grown steadily from 508,514 to 570,437, while the median household income grew from $78,311 to $90,834.

Williamson County, TX has a population of 570,437. The median age reports as 36.6 (2021), and a average individual salary of $49,632 in 2021. Between 2015 and 2022 the population of Williamson County, TX grew from 508,514 to 570,437.

  • County Name:  Williamson, Travis, Bell County – 2021
    Health and Human Services Statistics- Females in Williamson county showed a higher than expected residual number across nearly every marker for need. This indicates a clear need for a comprehensive community response to family violence as there are not only more survivors in need of service, there are more being served by family violence programs and an increased law enforcement response.

Addiction – Source:  National Institute on Drug Abuse

Historically, while substance use is considered part of behavioral health, it has often been overshadowed by mental health in both awareness and funding. Substance abuse use is one of the few health areas in which Travis and Williamson County have experienced a decline in some critical services for low-income individuals, such as the loss of withdrawal management (commonly known as detox) beds over the past several years.

Also, despite the Affordable Care Act’s promise of parity, substance use services are rarely compensated at a level that fully reimburses for best practices, and employees specializing in the field are compensated at lower levels than other health professionals. These situations have occurred despite increased awareness of the comorbidity of substance use disorder (SUD) with physical and mental illness, and a growing realization that failure to invest in prevention and recovery results in later recourse to more expensive solutions.

The occurrence of two disorders or illnesses in the same person also referred to as co-occurring conditions or dual diagnoses.

  • 35% of arrests by APD (Austin Police Department) relate to alcohol and/or drug abuse 8–15% of suicides in Travis County are related to alcohol or drugs.
  • 59% of pregnant teens in the U.S. admitted to using drugs or alcohol in the previous 12 months.
  • 34% of traffic fatalities in Travis County involve alcohol.
  • 15% of U.S. workers report being impaired at work at least one time during the past year
  • 60% of inmate/offenders in Travis County Jail have substance abuse problems
  • 40% of child abuse victims in Texas have a caregiver with an alcohol or drug abuse.

Round Rock, TX Domestic Violence Programs (Williamson County)


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