Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you help?

Restoration Ranch, Texas™ serves women ages 18-65, through a referral network and personal application process.  Restoration Ranch, Texas™ serves women who are in a personal crisis or a planned transition.  Restoration Ranch, Texas™ does not offer medical care by a licensed physician, drug addiction services, long-term inpatient psychological treatment, care for severe emotional or psychological trauma, or women considered as maternity patients.  Restoration Ranch, Texas™ does not have walk-up services.  Admission for Restoration Ranch, Texas™ is through a lengthy and specific admissions process.

What is the process to apply for Restoration Ranch, Texas™?

Restoration Ranch, Texas™ works through the direct application process as well as a trusted referral network in the community.  Churches and like-minded non-profits may refer potential students to Restoration Ranch, Texas™.  Potential applicants must be of the female gender by birth.  Potential applicants must be able to obtain a current physical assessment by a licensed medical professional, current medical and health tests as required by Restoration Ranch, Texas™, as well as complete all admission paperwork related to Restoration Ranch, Texas™.

There could be a waiting period for entrance to the program at Restoration Ranch, Texas™.  Admittance and successful participation at Restoration Ranch, Texas™ is voluntary.   Students may exit the program at any time.  Reentry to the program is not guaranteed.  Space at the ranch will not be held for students vacating the program before the successful completion of the program.  Restoration Ranch, Texas™ does not guarantee any program or methodologies.  Each participant and student at Restoration Ranch, Texas™ is voluntary.  Results are personal and customized programs are based on goals each student wishes to accomplish.  Restoration Ranch, Texas™ assists adult students with safety, stability, and positive goals.  The environment at Restoration Ranch, Texas™ will be based on Christ-centered principles.   Students are not forced to comply or agree with religious, moral beliefs, and practices of Restoration Ranch, Texas™.

What is the program cost for Restoration Ranch, Texas™?

Costs for services exist in the non-profit world.  Women in crisis typically do not have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on adult residential care.  As a 501(3) non-profit, the desire of Restoration Ranch, Texas™ is to provide a first-class, long term residential restorative care program based on Christ-centered values for women ages 18-65, regardless of socio-economic, educational, religious, or circumstantial factors.  Restoration Ranch, Texas™ is a public charity.

Restoration Ranch, Texas™ does not exist for financial gain or financial reimbursement.  The goal at Restoration Ranch, Texas™ is to invest in people for the purpose of change.  Hopefully, those we invest in will turn around and invest in Restoration Ranch, Texas™.  There could be special opportunities for staff and internship positions for women who have successfully completed the twelve (12) month work-study program at Restoration Ranch, Texas™.

The program does need financial resources in order to receive new adult students.  The intake staff will discuss as a part of the admissions review process, a nominal one-time fee upfront for each person, or a “sliding fee scale.”  Restoration Ranch, Texas™ will not refuse services to a woman because of her inability to pay or financial status.

Do you allow males into Restoration Ranch, Texas™?

At the present time, no male adult students will reside at Restoration Ranch, Texas™.  The programming at Restoration Ranch Texas™ is gender-specific for women ages 18-65.  Men will be involved with the program as a non-student resident status defined as volunteerism, the board of directors, education and training of staff and board, daily ranch care, and special ranch events.  

Do you house homeless individuals at Restoration Ranch, Texas™?

Females documented by birth certificate being between ages 18-65, not chemically dependent, pregnant at any stage, convicted of a violent crime, or documented as a danger to others by a certified/licensed medical professional are welcome to apply to Restoration Ranch, Texas™.  Women who are without a home can eventually become long-term adult students at Restoration Ranch, Texas™ if all required information is submitted for the application process.

I am ready to leave my abuser. Can I come to Restoration Ranch, Texas™?

Restoration Ranch, Texas™ is not an emergency care facility.  Women and people who are currently living in or connected to physically, emotionally, or other abusive situations or circumstances need to contact their local authorities or contact 911 immediately.

Get help!

Restoration Ranch, Texas™ hopes to be a part of a woman’s restorative care in the future.  Restoration Ranch, Texas™ is not designed to be an emergency shelter source for first-responders or public walk-up services.

Our staff intends to work with a network of community, civic, and social service providers to help transition women from crisis to long-term stability.  Restoration Ranch, Texas™ is designed for a long-term residential work-study program for women who can thrive and regain stability.

The process of integration to long-term ministry care is costly and takes time.  The goal of Restoration Ranch, Texas™ is to gently and carefully help women settle into a new lifestyle which includes changes in thought and behavior process.  The length of the program at minimum is twelve (12) months consisting of three (3) different stages.  Each of the work-study stages builds upon the previous stage when the female student is ready to advance.   Women are surrounded by support and encouragement to successfully complete each stage.

Is there a waiting list to get into Restoration Ranch, Texas™?

Women are invited to apply as well as submit all required paperwork to our organization for consideration.

Restoration Ranch, Texas™ is a long-term work-study program and there could be an undefined waiting period for admission.

The goal at Restoration Ranch, Texas™ is to keep in touch with each potential resident every step of the application process.  If you are interested in more information about Restoration Ranch, Texas™, and our services, please contact us by email:  [email protected].

How long can I stay at Restoration Ranch, Texas™?

Restoration Ranch, Texas™ consists of three supervised work-study stages.

Restoration Ranch, Texas™ offers a Customized 3-Stage Program.

Our Mission to provide solace, safety and stabilization to women in crisis is our commitment to offering the highest level of restorative care to individuals in the areas of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being through Christ-centered principles. To that end, our residency program consists of three stages of healing and restoration.

Stage I.  Foundations:

Upon evaluation, residents are welcomed into Stage I of the program with the emphasis on foundations of healing and growing physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Consistency is established with daily routine and high value is placed upon individual and group counseling; assigned books and book reports; individual and group Bible study; memorization of required scriptures; exercise and recreation; educational outlets of the ranch and animal care as well as arts, crafts, and creative expression.

Stage 2. Elevation:

Attention is given to activities that promote deeper spiritual growth. Bible study and pursuance of public education options are explored.  Stage 2 puts an emphasis on teaching and elevating the use of “Life Skills.”  Consideration is also given to the individual, customized care plans so that residents will be able to include in their daily schedules a variety of staff-supervised social and work-related activities on and off ranch property.  Local church activities and appropriate community events, concerts, and field trips will offer residents the opportunity to begin a process of transitioning back into family and community life.

Stage 3. Destination:

Stage 3 begins with helping residents focus on short- and long-term goals; i.e. envision a destination within reach upon graduation from Restoration Ranch, Texas™. The work/study part of Stage 3 continues as students grow in their understanding of Biblical principles and the use of “Life Skills.” At this point, the program expands to include subjects to help residents transition out of a protected living environment and resume family/community lifestyles. Classes are offered in a variety of subjects such as work ethics, job search, interview skills, money management; resume’ building; leadership skills, and establishing healthy relationships. Upon staff evaluation and recommendation, some residents in this stage of the program may be eligible to pursue employment off-campus while continuing to reside at Restoration Ranch, Texas™.

What happens after I complete the program at Restoration Ranch, Texas™?

Restoration Ranch, Texas™ will strive to assist adult female students with reentry and transition back to the community through our aftercare process.   It is essential to partner with trusted ministry partners, churches, and businesses to help our adult students rebuild their lives.

General goals include:   establishment in the community with employment, gaining a long-term residence, transportation, and reconnecting/rebuilding with family relationships.

Help Hope & Healing at Restoration Ranch, Texas™.

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