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Building the Foundation Campaign for Restoration Ranch TX

How can you help?

Restoration Ranch TX is embarking on an adventure to begin our building campaign for a new location that will allow for safety, stability and first-class ranch setting for women in crisis on 50 + acres in the hills of Central Texas.

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A personal message from founder and Executive Director Jenifer Wakefield:

Restoration Ranch is launching our “Building the Foundation” campaign to raise funds for purchase of land, and necessary improvements to adequately house up to 30 women initially.  Acreage is desired in the peaceful hills of Central Texas area, and will be developed, using a three-phase plan, under the general direction of SPR Texas Ministries Corporation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Restoration Ranch operates as a registered DBA in Travis and Williamson counties in the State of Texas.

Restoration Ranch is developed as a long-term, residential, work-study community for a maximum of 25-30 women ages 18-65 years old, who are experiencing personal crisis and transition.  Carefully built upon scenic acreage in a beautiful and restorative setting, Restoration Ranch provides trauma-informed, Christ-centered care in a working ranch setting with three phases of customized care.

What’s next for Restoration Ranch:

Now, as we’re turning from construction of this very serene place towards an even more special call – to care for those who find themselves most vulnerable – we need help to sustain their long-term care.

We believe that there is no rescue without restoration. If survivors do not receive the long-term care necessary to stabilize and help carefully rebuild behavior the risk of falling back to unhealthy lifestyle patterns is high. By every standard, Restoration Ranch will intentionally provide the very best holistic and comprehensive care available.

We know that to compromise the level of customized care is not an option for successful restoration and would communicate an unspoken pressure related to finances.  Our hope is to relieve the external pressure of financial burden, so women of every journey can experience quality care.  But, this level of care is costly. Based on research, it is our estimation that it will cost between $350-$400 a day per woman to provide quality services.

What we need most (here’s where you come in):

We have said from the beginning: If everyone invested in just one thing, the cumulative effect would be powerful.

The Central Texas community needs our help with those who are hurting and struggling.  Join us as we give back to “the one” in our community.  Together we can help restore women to health and stability through Restoration Ranch.

Restoration Ranch has potential to be a one-of-a-kind resource by offering tangible support from the best community in Texas.  Our efforts can provide overall life-changing moments for women in crisis. Building those moments one by one makes a difference!

If you can help a woman get back on her road to hope and healing with a monthly pledge of any amount, it doesn’t matter the size, use our convenient Donate button located on the right sidebar of this page.

Reach out today and join with us “for the one” to help rebuild families, homes and communities.

With faith and hope,
Jenifer Wakefield
Founder and Executive Director
Restoration Ranch TX



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