Customized Programs

What does the Restoration Ranch Program offer Women in Crisis?

 Guided by Christian principles…

Restoration Ranch offers a faith-based, interdenominational facility for women (ages 18-65), with life-controlling issues impacted by addiction, abuse, abandonment, incarceration, the sex trade, and aging-out of foster care.

 Restoration Ranch offers a Christ-centered, 90 days to 1 year+(not to exceed 15 months) residential recovery and stabilization program based on referrals, professional psychological evaluations and personal needs. Each recipient of care will be assessed on a case by case basis. All data and assessment will translate to a customized plan of care monitored and guided by trained professionals.

Restoration Ranch offers resident women a Christian-led, three phase work/study curriculum with Biblical emphasis on building trust, relationships, and responsibility in a supportive and teachable environment. Residents are gently led through a consistent daily routine of rest, healthy nutrition, study, exercise, spiritual instruction, recreation, and personal responsibility in living quarters.

Restoration Ranch offers compassionate, educational, and emotional support through equine and pet-care therapy programs; through arts, crafts, and creative expression; through secondary and post-secondary educational programs (optional); and through transitional employment opportunities for individuals eligible for re-entry into community life at large.

Restoration Ranch offers a Christian mentoring and training program for approved volunteers and mission-minded leaders to contribute their time and talents to the Restoration ministry. Graduates of the Restoration Ranch program may be considered for internships as available and continue to reside on campus.

Restoration Ranch offers a Customized 3-Phase Program.

Our Mission to provide solace, safety, and stabilization to women in crisis is our commitment to offer the highest level of restorative care to individuals in the areas of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing through Christ-centered principles. To that end, our residency program consists of three phases of healing and restoration.

Phase I.  Foundations: Months 1-4 in residence


Upon evaluation, residents are welcomed into Phase I of the program with the emphasis on foundations of healing and growing physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Heavy emphasis is placed on individual and group counseling; assigned books and book reports; Bible study; memorization of required scriptures; exercise and recreation; educational outlets of equine and pet therapy as well as arts, crafts, and creative expression.

Phase 2. Elevation: Months 5-8 in residence

Life Skills

Along with Bible study and pursuance of public education options, Phase 2 puts emphasis on teaching and elevating the use of “Life Skills.”  Consideration is also given to the individual, customized care plans so that residents will be able to include in their daily schedules a variety of staff-supervised social and work-related activities on and off ranch property.  Local church activities and appropriate community events, concerts, and field trips will offer residents the opportunity to begin a process of transitioning back into family and community life.

Phase 3. Destination: Months 9-12+ in residence

Equestrian Program

Phase 3 begins with helping residents focus on short and long term goals; i.e. envision a destination within reach upon graduation from Restoration Ranch. The work/study part of Phase 3 continues as students grow in their understanding of Biblical principles and use of “Life Skills.” At this point, the program expands to include subjects to help residents transition out of a protected living environment and resume family/community lifestyles. Classes are offered in a variety of subjects such as work ethics, job search, interview skills, money management; resume’ building; leadership skills and establishing healthy relationships. Upon staff evaluation and recommendation, some residents in this phase of the program may be eligible to pursue employment off campus while continuing to reside at Restoration Ranch.


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