Dr. Jonathan Okinaga

Board Member
Brief info

Dr. Jonathan Okinaga comes to the Board of Directors with years of experience working with those impacted by addiction. Dr. O, is known by his students at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as a personable and caring teacher of Biblical Counseling. Dr. O has mentored and taught many other individuals outside the classroom over meals, watching sports, and one-on-one conversations.

Dr. O is the author of three books: "How God Sanitized My Soul," "My Loved One is an Addict. Now What?," and "From Sin to Disease: The Medicalization of Addiction and Its Influence on How The Southern Baptist Convention Approaches Ministering to Those Who Struggle with Mind Altering Substances."

When Dr. O is not teaching class or mentoring others in Christ, he is first the husband of Nicole, and the proud dad of James.

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