Dr. Kyle Miller

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Kyle Miller, M.Ed., M.A., Ph.D., LPC-S, LMFT-S
Director, Global Care & Response

Born in 1960, Kyle grew up in four Asian countries and the USA, has a bachelor’s and two master’s in psychology/counseling from the University of Texas at Austin, and a PhD in counseling psychology from SWBTS with a dissertation entitled, “The Healing-Discipleship of Jesus Christ in Matthew: Post-Traumatic Growth through Biblical Counseling for Female Sex Trafficking Survivors.” Kyle is an LPC-S and LMFT-S in Texas and is in his 35th year of counseling.

Since 2005, Kyle has traveled to 16 countries on 24 trips to provide trauma counseling and training to workers and survivors of sex trafficking, genocide, and terrorism using the Beatitude Trauma Model from Jesus’ words Matthew 5:1-16.

Married in 1984, Kyle and Terri are blessed with Nathan (Kaitlyn), Kevin (Amanda), Kristin, and Katherine. Kyle loves Jesus and sharing His transforming grace and truth through counseling, teaching, and discipleship.

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