The Human Need in Texas

The state of Texas is known for many great things!  Everything is bigger in Texas, including the heart of people. Austin is a mecca for food, music, originality, innovation and urban growth.  Relocation and real estate experts have Austin, Texas and beyond as a desirable place to live.

While many people have lived good life and raised families, created solid business, and contributed to their communities other things co-exist as well.  It is the under-belly of the human condition.  This condition breaks down families, steals innocence, depletes mental and emotional health and causes a painful interruption in society.  Our children cannot be productive adults and continue life when they struggle so deeply.  Read some of the following:

According to the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children:

  • There is no iron clad way to determine the accurate number of missing or exploited children, or sex-trafficked cases.
  • In 2017, there were 100,000 children / minors exploited through prostitution in the USA.
  • In 2017:  FBI – their National Crime Information Center say 460,700 children are missing with 11, 800 known runaways – most likely who are sex-trafficking victims.
  • In the state of Texas there are between 3,000 & 7,000 children a year that are trafficked.
  •  Breaking down the 3,000 – 7,000 children – where do they come from?   74% of those children were in the care of CPS or foster care when they went missing.
  •  Underage runaways or children at risk according to the State of Human Trafficking in Texas.

Any one thing listed below impacts a woman within a family who faces these types of circumstances:

  • Loss of stable living conditions
  • Loss of financial support / job
  • Long-term poverty
  • Release from incarceration
  • Fractured families due to poverty, divorce, or death
  • Sex-trafficking and prostitution
  • Age out of foster care system – no family or connective support
  • Predatory sex traffickers
  • Sexual abuse inside or outside the home
  • Gang and drug activity
  • Drug addiction
  • Incarceration
  • Peer pressure for sexual activity
  • Involvement in sex-trade or involuntary prostitution
  • Pornography
  • Negative internet sites and influences.

Restoration Ranch, TX is in the process of Phase I our our program – to build the foundation of our ministry.  Phase I includes the following:

  1. Purchase a minimum of 50 fenced acres with a main house of 3,00-5000 sq. ft. in the main house (4 bed/3 bath).
  2. Renovation to the main house to include administrative space and furnishings.
  3. Build on-site (2) dorm houses for 10-15 residents & 4 staff, @ 3500 sq. feet each.
  4. Purchase furnishings for each house.
  5. Build a chapel which seats 100 people where Sunday services will be held.
  6. Obtain a multi-purpose metal building (with commercial kitchen, walk-in fridge and freezer) for on-site education program, art, music, exercise, donor activities and training.
  7. Build a multi-purpose building used for school, exercise, general meetings, staff training, ranch fundraising events and commissary.

We minister to at-risk women ages 18-65.

For more information about our services and programs, please visit our Programs Page.

Help Us Help Women

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