Austin, Texas is at the epicenter of 21st-century growth, development, and productivity in the Southwestern United States. But sadly, there is a dark side of Austin that bubbles just below the surface—an underbelly of the human condition fed by the beasts of addiction, sex trafficking, prostitution, abuse, incarceration, abandonment, and exploitation.

These beasts target women of all ages, all races, all socio-economic backgrounds—stealing their innocence; depleting their mental and emotional health; causing painful interruption to the well-being of the family unit; and casting dark shadows over the community-at-large.

Two Ways to Donate

Donate by Phone Now by Texting BUILDTHEFOUNDATION To 44321

What is Restoration Ranch, Texas™?

Restoration Ranch, Texas™ was planted in the mind and heart of Executive Director, Jenifer Wakefield in 2012, while working with at-risk women in a ministry setting. This work continues today.  The demand for quality resources for women in crisis impacted by addiction is a huge need in the Austin community.  The desire behind Restoration Ranch, Texas™ is to transform lives of women in crisis, impacted by addiction ages 18-65, through a long-term residential ranch program.

Help, Hope & Healing at Restoration Ranch, Texas™.

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