Dr. Cheryl Bell

Cheryl is a Christ-follower, wife to Rex Bell, mom to four, and grandmother to three. After raising and educating her children God called Cheryl to return to school where she completed her Ph. D in biblical counseling with a minor in women’s studies. Cheryl is a formerly trained nurse and brings a wealth of understanding in women’s trauma, specifically in childhood sexual abuse. She has a lengthy involvement at SWBTS in Fort Worth, Texas, teaching biblical counseling and supervising women pursuing doctoral studies. In addition to her teaching and discipling women, Cheryl is involved as a speaker through SBT (Southern Baptists of Texas) for women’s events and ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors). Cheryl makes time to counsel and help women who are struggling to meet life’s challenges. Her expertise and training is a valuable asset to the team at Restoration Ranch, Texas.

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